nike commercial

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i saw this commercial all the time and loved the music but now can't remember which company it is. i think it's nike, but it could be reebok, or adidas.

the commercial has a black guy in a muscle shirt and they took single pictures of him running straight at the camera and then put them together so it's not like a fluid running motion, but it jumps between the motions. like, if you watched someone run in place in front of a strobe light, it's like that. so it's not a video of him running, just single pictures put together.

all i remember was that it was a sport running commercial. either for some shoe or just the company in general.

also, i think they had the guy running against a solid orange background for at least part of it

as for the song, it's a hip-hop/jazz beat with a prominent trumpet.

it was a really sweet song and i'd like to get a hold of it.
THANK YOU! you're a life saver. i've been humming it over and over for the past 48 hours. It's so catchy.