NHL 2005 for GameCube


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Anyone know who is singing that song at the beginning of the new NHL 2005 commercial?

I recognize the voice - I just can't quite place it.
I'meaning to write them down immediately the next time I see it - just a matter of catching the damn thing.
The EA sports site has a trailer for NHL 2005 here. I couldn't get it to play for me, so I'm not sure if there is even music in it. But check it out.
Hey hey,

Was wondering if anyone knew the song that plays for the nhl 2005 commercial. It for gamecube (I think)

It has a boy and girl that eventually elope at the end of the commercial. A taxi pull up and the girl gets in but as the taxi is about to leave the boy sees the ad for nhl 2005 on a bus stop ad and signals the taxi to go without him leaving the girl in the taxi.
I don't think it's been answered. That link I left was for a trailer that strictly showed scenes from the game. Check out the link, cp25, and see if it's the same music.