NHL 2K5 Xbox


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It goes like "somday somebodys gonna ask you... a question that you can say yes to... its for nhl 2k5 for x box i think, if anyone knows please let me. thanks
There's a lot of confusion I'm seeing with this commercial. The song is 'Question' by the Old 97's as has been mentioned previously. But the commericial is not a Gamcube commericial as was mentioned in another thread and I don't think it ever was.

It is a commercial for EA sports NHL 2005 for Xbox Live. And not NHL 2K5. Sega ESPN sports games uses the term "2K5" in all it's sports games, ie ESPN NFL 2K5, ESPN NBA 2K5 etc. EA sports sticks to using the full year dates, ie NHL 2005, Madden Football 2005, NBA Live 2005.

My apologies if I'm sounding like a bum-hole. I'm just trying to clear some confusion on this commercial. :D