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The commercial I think was released in August I'm not sure. It has people in it that are dressed like they were in the matrix. I remeber one description of one of those people was The Bounty Hunter then it goes to a small clip of the new Metroid game. The song I think was rock. I don't know if this is the right place to post but the commercial wasn't really a game commercial it was a commercial for the Gamecube console.
Don't think I've seen the ad yet (and this is the right Forum for your question :) ) -- keep seeing the old GBA ad all the time now -- Anyway, which channel(s) have you seen the ad on?

Did the song have any lyrics? Have you found the ad online anywhere to watch?
Originally posted by michelle@Aug 19 2004, 04:29 PM
Anyway, which channel(s) have you seen the ad on?
I saw it yesterday during the Olympics on NBC.
A new commercial I've seen for Baten Kaitos, a new gamecube game, has a very good soundtrack but I have yet to find any post which has addressed this spot. It starts out with a man on a roof and spells out "Avenger". The music could be characterized as rock. The only time I saw it was on FX during the Fear Factor marathon on Friday August 20th around 6:55 PM.
Thanks for any help.
it's the one where they show real people the 1st says avenger then villian then bounty hunter ETC. anyways its a cool song :rolleyes:
It was answered, you should try searching more than once. ;) Anyway the answer was a remix of White Zombie's "More Human than Human".
To be exact...the song is "More Human Than Human (The Warlord Of Mars Megamix)" by White Zombie. It's available on White Zombie's "Electric Head Part 2" CD single, and also on a Various Artists CD called "Buy-Product." Both are circa 1995...and probably out of print now too! :(
It's a remix of White Zombie's "More Human Than Human". I've found it online as simply "techno remix"