New Canadian Honda Civic commercial song


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Hi all, wondering if you could help me identify the name of the tune in the new commercial. Its for the 'you'll forget its a family car' campaign, and airs here in Canada, although it could very well be on in the States too. The music is 2 women singing, its kinda pop new rockish, and sounds very much like Tegan and Sara, if anyone knows who they are, but i've never heard the song before. I believe they sing something along the lines of 'Baby's got a spell on me' or similar. If you have any ideas whatsoever, i'd greatly appreciate it, thankyou very much!
yea i've been lookin for that song too :unsure: , and hey i was born in canada :D i live in the states now though
Alright, i just saw the commercial again..
Its a Grey Civic, and it drives by a bunch of scenes like a sunny park etc, and 'breaks through' the page, if that makes any sense. As best as i can make out, the lyrics are:

"baby's got a spell on me, I will ride, I will ride
baby's got a spell on me, I will ride, I will ride"

If anyone knows ANYTHING, itd be greatly appreciated...
Ok, the lyrics were wrong, its:

'Baby's got a spell on me
I dont mind, I dont Mind'

1 more bump, just in case anyone knew has had the chance to see it...