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If anyone has seen the small preview for the new show coming to adult swim called "Robot Chicken" I really love how the music in the background is.

Can someone know what it is?
you probably meant this ad :

I actually have no idea what the name of the song is, I just posted to show the ad.

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Someone should make a full song out of that ^)^ it's too damn addictive.
While it may not be the case for this commercial, I do know that Adult Swim gets a lot of their music from the Turner Music Library, which is not commercially available. They have boards at Adult Swim where they specifically discuss their commercial or "bump" music. It might be that this song is on there too.
on a recent adult swim bump it said that that song is also the theme of robot chicken and it is made my les claypool i believe the name was, dunno if it the song has a title but he also does music for south park :)
so i guess that was a no on the name of this song....cuz i was just wonderin the same thing...
Anybody Have an Extra link to get this file, or can anyone FTP it for a couple days??? The download seems to be corrupted. Thanks
The link works now. Just look for the "Robot Chicken" link at that site and click on it. That should fix the problem.