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Hey, new user here. Just wondering if anybody has seen that Hot Topic commercial on adult swim. Its the one where it advertises the adult swim tshirts. I really like that song, so if anybody knows, thad be great, thanks
yeah... i want that song too. i came here last night thinking i might be able to find the name. oh well... someone will come along soon.

BTW, hello everyone. this is my first post at this site, though i have been lurking for a few weeks.
I really like it too, I hope someone knows. :)

Oh ye, it's 1st post for all three of us. lol B)
Yeah it's a pretty rad song, I wonder who plays it? This is my first post as well. Weird.
Welcome times four to all the newbies!

Hopefully someone will be able to help you out on this song. In the meantime -- can anyone describe the music in any more detail? Do you remember any lyrics, male/female voice, tempo/beat, etc. etc.
well, there were no lyrics, it was just a solid tempo, kindo of elctric keyboard like
Well theoretically the lyrics are "hoo wah - hoo wah - hoo wah" etc. with a slightly fuzzed and otherwise processed fashion, mixed well with the guitar. It's almost painfully poppy and after you see the commercial the song burns into your head. This causes you to hum it over and over and over again to yourself. I feel that if I don't get the song soon and force my self to get sick of it, I will drive myself crazy after watching adult swim every night......

Sadly, I have the feeling this song may have been made for the commercial.