Adult Swim Saturday lineup


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Hi guys, anybody watches ADULT SWIM? Goes on Cartoon Network after 11.
Anyway, they started showing this ad to their Saturday Lineup with some fragments of the cartoons they're showing. I'd like the video, but it's the background music that I if anyone could help me....plz. Just watch Adult swim, u'll know what I mean...
No no no! This is not it. Sorry.
I'm looking for a remix of something else, but it's not classical. Sounds more like techno from 80s with 21st century noises...hehe...
I'll try to get a sound sample...maybe that will help.
So here's the thing..
It's a remix of Another One Bites the Dust.
It is heard in Sealab Episode 2021.
Nothing else is known.
There's a cool promo from ADULT SWIM here:
The beat goes like this:
Do-do-do *snap* Do-dodo-do-dodo *snap*

I found all that from ADULT SWIM BOARDS. Sorry, no links(their fault).
Also, the music sounds crappy on earphones or stereophones. Maybe a TV, Dolby Surround or anything with a highly loud subwoofer, otherwise the "do-do" sound isn't heard, just the snaps, which can be irritating.
Your link doesn't work...

The "do do do *snap*" part you're describing is just the bass line from that song, "Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen. You can hear a good audio sample of the song through that link.

I have no idea or info on a remix of the song though...