Need the name of this song...lyrics included


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I have been looking for the name and artist of this song. Now i don't know if its a commisioned piece or not. I found it on a website, sorry, can't remember which one, long time ago. I wrote down the lyrics, which parts I could make out. It sounds like a acoustic guitar and its a male singing.

well here it goes.........

? will never last in this great contest
Fools in love are fools in love
and that beats a blank
Golden times and golden rhymes
Wrapped around this golden (lines/lies?)
I follow them now

Fly a ? love again
We wish you ? ?
Spend a moment and spend a ?

I follow you
I follow you

Dance with me, I don't know
Golden shoes
I don't know, but I been told
You live in while your young

Golden times and golden youth
wrapped around these golden truths
I follow these now

Fly an ? love of faith
We wish you ? ?
Spend a moment and (spin a globe?)

I follow you
I follow you
I follow you
I follow you
I would follow you

Thanks for any help
i didn't get any results with lyric searches... You said you heard the song on a website? Hmm...
This was on the Abercrombie site as one of those 1 minute long ads. Ive been trying to track it down too. Any leads?
Ahh! Well, first of all try contacting Abercrombie's webmaster for the site and see if they have any information on the song or ad (or agency that did the commercial).
Hey what's up?? im replying to that message about the song cause i heard it on tha Abercrombie website and i cant figure it out either..its an awesome song. i emailed the abercrombie people and they said they do not tell the names of artist or song titles..there has to be some way of finding the name out right?? thanks
Well, on the A&FTV section of the website, there is a music page - and there is an artist named Da Lata credited with the song "Golden". I'm not sure if it's the song you're looking for, because I have yet to find the lyrics.
hi all,

I'm resurrecting this old thread because I have been looking for information on this song for two years now with no luck. It is not Golden by De Lata as has been suggested. I would very much like to purchase the album this song is from. Does anyone have any information on this song?