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i have created a new, more reliable, and direct to the point, petition. Please feel free to re-sign, or sign for the first time, if you did not sign my old one, thank you!

If you enjoy composer Bruce Broughton's film scores, television scores, and theme park music, as much as I do, please sign the above petition, to help get more of his theme park music released!

Bruce Broughton has scored for the following attractions at Disney parks around the globe:

Spaceship Earth (Epcot) - Florida

Ellen's Energy Adventure (Epcot) - Florida

The Making Of Me (Retired) (Epcot) - Florida

O, Canada! (Epcot) - Florida

The Timekeeper (Retired) (Magic Kingdom) - Florida

Walt Disney: One Man's Dream (Disney's Hollywood Studios) - Florida

Mickey's Audition (Retired) (Disney's Hollywood Studios) - Florida

Golden Dreams (Disney's California Adventure) - California

Seasons Of The Vine (Disney's California Adventure) - California

Cinémagique (Euro Disney) - France

Le Visionarium (From Time To Time) (Retired) (Disney Studios/Euro Disney/Tokyo Disney Resort) - France/Japan

Honey, I Shrunk The Audience (Epcot/Disney's California Adventure/Disney Studios) - Florida/California/France