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There is a song in a commercial on NBC for the 2004 Olympics...its an energetic song with the words "I believe it" showing a swimmer and other athletes. Its sung by a woman and has a sound almost like Melissa Etheridge...any ideas who sings the song and what the title is?
Wasn't this by that spanish singer who sang "turn the beat around'??? gloria estefan? i think she had a song called i believe or something........it was playing around 1996 or 2000 olympics
I'm not sure if it's the song, but the official theme to the 1996 Olympics was "Reach" by Gloria Estefan, off her album Destiny.

No, this is a song for the 2004 Olympics...not past ones. I know the Gloria Estefan song and it is nothing like this.
I saw the commercial again tonight right after Last Comic Standing and the song says "I believe it...won't leave til I've had enough..." Help! Anybody?
I found the song and just in case anyone else is looking for it I thought I'd post it. Beth Hart - Delicious Surprise
hey everyone,
i've been looking for the song, too. but the previous post had it right, it is beth hart - delicious surprise. i found the commercial video on the nbc website. here's the address:

NBC Olympics Webpage

Go down to the video clip entitled "America's Best"