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Hi guys im new and so I searched to forum to see if there were any topics on this song......
Found nothing so I am posting the ques.

A piano tune that shows a (young) man diving into a pool, swimming then getting out of the pool as an old man.

Please let me know if anyone knows .... :mellow:
I thought i saw this question here before, but nothing came up in a search so here it goes. What is the name of the song playing in the commercial where a young good looking man jumps in the pool and swims to the other end only to come out looking old? I think a paino is playing, no words. Second time i ever saw this one.
No luck finding any info on the music yet -- you may have to contact TM or Nationwide.

I've seen the spot -- it's pretty funny.
View the commercial here:

also, here's some info about the campaign I found so far.
TM Advertising's most recent Nationwide campaign broke in April 2004. One spot shows an attractive young woman sunbathing on one side of a swimming pool as her young, svelte husband or boyfriend dives into the pool at the other end. When he emerges from the water, he's a pudgy older man with thinning hair. The spot concludes with the "Life comes at you fast" line.
Nationwide Corporate Communications - (614) 249-6349
PR Newswire: Nationwide Breaks Largest-ever Branding Campaign with Temerlin McClain; "Life Comes At You Fast" Drives Effort

"Pool," features a young woman lying out by a swimming pool reading a magazine. At the other end of the pool, a fit young man with a toned physique dives into the water and streamlines to the shallow end. He reaches the surface and emerges from the pool. Only now, he is an older man with a doughboy-like body with his hair thinning and his gut hanging out. The voiceover says, "Life comes at you fast. Be ready with Nationwide."

"Sonogram," "Car" and "Butterfly" carry similar branding messages targeting other audience segments.

[EDIT - Information added after a bit more searching]

"Pool" by TM Advertising for Nationwide Insurance
Title: "Pool"
Agency TM Advertising
City Irving
Agency URL:
Advertiser Nationwide Insurance
Brand Name Nationwide Insurance
Product Category Insurance
Campaign Name Life Comes at You Fast  (See the campaign)
Market United States
Country of Production United States
Language English
Type Television
Length 30 seconds
Awards Cannes Lions - International Advertising Festival, 2004 (Shortlist)

Creative Director Jim Ferguson
Art Director Jay Russell
Copywriter Wade Alger
:D Thanks for the info :D . I guess the next step is to contact the ad agency. Wish me luck! If I find out anything, i'l post it. Thanks again. :D
I'm looking for the name of the composer of the music in the Nationwide Insurance commercial. It is an instrumental song, then Nationwide is on your side is sung at the end.
A while back I remember quite a few people asking about a song from an insurance or credit card com. I don't remember which one it was, I do remember the saying "Life comes at you fast". Anyway, in the spot it shows a young man diving into a pool, when he reaches the other side, he comes out old. To tell you the truth, I can't even rememeber how the song went, I just remember I liked it and looked a bit and found nothing.

Did anyone ever figure out that song?
No, none of them. It's fairly old, maybe a year or so. All I can remember is a nice looking young guy diving in the pool and coming out old. It was pretty funny. I'll try to look up the com. itself and post it here if I have any luck finding it.
Yes!!!!!!! Thats it!!

Now...does anyone know the music played in it?
Thanks for the info, I posted in that thread!!!lol Didn't see an answer there so I'm going to try to contact the ad agency, see if they can help. I've been looking for it for a while

Thanks again! B)