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At the end of the movie, Emilio Estevez, I think Samuel L. Jackson and some other girl (I know there's three people) are in a car and they put the radio on and a rock song comes on. They all start head banging to it and this beaver pops up and starts dancing with them. I think the song might go into the credits. Can someone pleeeeeease help me find this song!
Do you remember any lyrics? Male/female vocals?
I can't remember any lyrics (sorry) but I do know they play it at the end. I tried doing a little research myself and the closest I could get is "Love Kills" by Freddie Mercury but I can't find a full sample of the song anywhere so I don't know if that's the one. If anyone has the movie, I'm sure it would be listed in the credits. I'm also pretty sure it's not Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. I would have recognized that song.
Thanks a lot for the sample! I don't think that's the song though. I could be wrong but it's not ringing a bell. If I remember correctly, it's the beginning part of the song that I remember so I'd need the whole song sample, not just a clip. I'm planning on going over to Hollywood Video to rent it because I want to see it again anyways. I'll write back if I find it but anyone who thinks they can find the song can search now and try to get it before I rent the movie!
I'm RETARDED. It was queen. Thanks livingtoblivion, sorry I said you were wrong. If it makes you feel any better, I feel like a complete botard. Thanks for everyone's help, this site rocks!
Glad you figured it out... Don't be so hard on yourself though -- Freddie Mercury, you may or may not know, is the lead singer for Queen... so it'd be easy to could cross the two. :)