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On at least two of the various commercials for National Geographic Channel's upcoming special series, "Great Migrations", there is a snippet of a song with a female singer singing, "I met you while I was wondering / We've seen many worlds since then". I can't find it via Google or Bing, nor can I find the commercials online.

Does any one have any idea what this song is, and who sings it?

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Thanks, Doc! I saw that reference when I was researching the song, too, but I believe it's either spurious, or that the song isn't listed (for whatever reason) in the soundtrack for the show. I've listened to all of the songs listed for the episode in question, and none of them are the song I'm looking for.
Did you ever find this song? I have been searching for it for a while, and can't find a trace of it anywhere - except here. The commercial is torturing me, I love it!!

Let me know if you learn anything.. I'll do the same.
HEELLP!! I NEED TO KNOW THE NAME OF THE SONG all i got is the lyrics which i memorized from watching the commercial over and over "today we walked on melting snow hide our heads making fire antiques, i met you when i was wondering, we've seen many worlds since then"

i hope its not just a 30sec song they made just for the show ;p
and btw i made this account just to know the name of the song;p
haha, after about two and a half weeks looking for this damn song i've found it:

Title: Secrets
Composer: Alexa Woodward
Publisher: Extreme Music

Thanks, DANG3rMUS3 and ImyKyo -- That's the song I was looking for! Just became a fan of Alexa on the Reverb Nation site and downloaded the song.
National Geographic Great Migrations

Hi all,
I've been having some difficulties finding the original song of one of the promos/trailers of NatGeo's Great Migrations series. I know I have heard it before in a choral version but i cannot seem to find it anymore and I do not remember the name of the company that composed it nor the name of the song.
This is the song: ""
Can anyone help me?
Thank a lot!