national geographic

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    World's Weirdest

    Nat Geo Wild: World'sWeirdest Taboos: Friends with Benefits Does anyone know the name and composer of the beginning of this documentary? When talk about penguins' lives thanks very much!
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    Hey not sure if this is the right section to post it but does anyone know where the music in the trailer for Genius the new Nat Geo show about Einstein comes from? Is it the show score or something else? Cheers
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    National Geographic "Tightrope"

    I have been looking for this song for ages with no luck. It's a song from a National Geographic commercial with people walking between two cliffs on a rope. The singer's voice sounds a lot like Cher above is the link, thank you very much
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    Nat Geo "Why" Live Curious

    Hello, I have searched and searched for the title of the music displayed here: I E-Mailed the organisation and was told "it is production music and cannot be purchased" However I heard the same music in a totally different advertisement two years later! Can anyone enlighten me as to the...
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    National Geographic Polish

    Hi, Is there anybody who knows the title of this awesome song:
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    Wild Russia

    The song stars at 33:23 - 34:30, I love this song, plz help me find it, Thank You !
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    Hitler's GI Death Camp

    Hey, Have been trying to figure out the name of the classical piece of music on the advert for National Geographics documentary "Hitler's GI Death Camp", can't find a video file for illustration though, so might be grasping at straws
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    Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan

    Hello, does anyone know the name of the tune that starts at about 00:58 in this video? Thank you in advance!
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    National Geographic Blowdown

    Hi, If anyone knows this song, much appreciated. Thanks
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    Nat Geo Adventure World Traveller

    Hey, this is the first time I have used this thing but I was just wondering if anyone knows what the song played at the beginning of this nat geo adventure commercial was? I have been looking for it for ages but can't find it anywhere, could anyone help me out? Any help would be appreciated...
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    National Geographic

    Hello guys ! There is an NatGeo Promo with Chappell Music - Break Through in backround . You have any ideea where can i find this awsome promo ? Here is the song Thenx
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    Nat Geo rainforest

    Does anyone know what group composed ambient music on new Nat Geo promo. It shows rainforest animals, Music is ambient harp and bells, oriental.
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    Nat Geo HD "The Real World Redefined"

    Can someone tell me the song featured in this break filler on Nat Geo HD? This is new for 2010 I believe.
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    Nat Geo Great Migrations

    On at least two of the various commercials for National Geographic Channel's upcoming special series, "Great Migrations", there is a snippet of a song with a female singer singing, "I met you while I was wondering / We've seen many worlds since then". I can't find it via Google or Bing, nor can...
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    Nat Geo Wild

    I've tried googling fragments of the lyrics, and youtube... neither seem to have this song or commercial on it yet. National Geographic are advertising (on their current NatGeo Channel) the US launch of NatGeo Wild. Can anyone identify the song (or at least the band?) used in it?
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    National Geographic Naked Science Living on the Moon

    If anyone could figure out the music used I would greatly appreciate it.
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    National Geographic HD

    Hi guys...does anybody know the song used within the HD promo. thanks in advance
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    Tsunami Warning

    this is a commercial promoting Tsunami Warning on the National Geographic Channel. Right now it is showing ARRRGGG....... Lol. It is on Naked Science Pease help. PS: it shows ALOT on the Nat. Geogrphc chnnl. (dish network: chnl 186)