Nascar All Star/Busch Series Commercials


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Hey everyone, hope you can help.
There's been a series of commercials running for the Nascar All-Star Event, and since it's right around the corner, they're not going to be on much at all after it's over. I was wondering what song was used in the commercials. I've looked and can't find the commercials online anywhere, but I am pretty sure it is a real song that I've heard elsewhere and not made for this commercial only.

The other commercial is the "That's why" commercials, or something like that for the Nascar Busch Series commercials. It features drivers talking about what they like about the busch series, and I've only seen it once, but I think it ends with Mark Martin. The song has no lyrics (at least not featured in the commercial) just a bass guitar at the beginning with an electric guitar coming in right near the end.

Any help would be great in finding these songs, especially the allstar ones since their run is almost over.