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Looks like I need some help again. ;)

The following song was played on the radio A WHOLE BUNCH a few years ago. I would say 1999-2001 if I'm not mistaken. It was kind of a up-beat hip hop song. The lyrics go something like this:

at the beginning, there is some guy going:

"hip to the hop to the hip to the hop" over and over again. They do this line a few times throughout the song. The hip was stronger than the hop, with the words to the spoken very quickly.

then, something about friday night, with the distinct phrase:

"pizza and a movie"

the last thing I remember is part of the lyrics where they talk about " XX inch stilettos." XX being the particular measurement which I do not remember.

Even after writing out the lyrics on a piece of paper years ago and googling them I found no results. I lost this paper as luck would have it before I discovered this site. I believe I may have heard them incorrectly, as well. The radio station which played it was the now dead KOOL FM 93.9 Ottawa.

Help would be greatly appreciated :)

Is that the song that says

I said a hip a hop a hip to the hop and you just don't stop to the bang bang boogy said up jumps the boogy the beat.. or something like that?
Originally posted by ALDR123456789N@Aug 25 2005, 01:47 PM
are you sure it wasn't "Rappers Delight" by the SugarHill Gang?
No. Thanks anyway.