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Well....I just recently heard an old techno song on the radio, and i was wondering if anyone could help me with the songname....its a woman with a nice hip hop beat in the background singing: Eeeeeeeeeevery niiigght eeeevveeerrydayyy.....and then something about "think about" any help would be appreciated! TY! :)
I don't recognize it.

What's the radio station? Did you check their website to see if they have a playlist of songs, or email the DJ?
well see i heard this song a while ago and...its kind of old. the radio station doesnt offer the ability to e-mail the dj
Hmmm, well unfortunately I can't help you with the song, but in the future, there is a website that tells what songs have been played on the radio and the exact times they were played, throughout the whole day. You just find your city and the station you heard it on and it lists everything. But like you said, you heard it awhile ago, so it may not help now. But worth a try. ;)