Just My Life...Rap song


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Theres this song on the radio and the chorus part is something like "just my life" and I looked on their site and I couldn't find anything...I know that there is a male hip hop artist featured in it, and its a woman artist, and its a hip hop song.
Originally posted by StarFairy@Mar 31 2005, 05:58 PM
Try this website YES. At the bottom, put what city/state, radio station, and approximate time you heard the song and you should find it. They list every song that plays.

Take her advice, Its works.
It works if your city is listed. Mine isn't so it doesn't work for me. :(
What type of radio station, was it a mainstream one, ie (Hot 97, Hot blah blah, Mix Blah blah, Power Blah blah etc) or was it a College radio station?

The reason I ask is because, Mainstream radio Stations genral play only 4-5 female rappers, cuz they're run by a set Blah playlist.

It could only be Lil Kim, Nite, Foxy Brown, Babs (from making the band, she's solo now), Mc Lyte, Salt + Pepper, Remi Martin.

My guess would be Remi Martin from the new or old terror squad album.