Mystic River


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Ok, I'm not sure who's seen the trailer for Mystic River. I would be eternally grateful to the person who knows the dramatic song used in the end. Knowing where to get it so I can listen to it non stop would be a bonus!
You can view the trailer on the official Mystic River website.

As for the music, keep an eye out on this page at -- they post information about the music in movie trailers, but Mystic River hasn't been updated/added to the database yet.

You might also check the soundtrack from the movie, which is available later this month from Amazon. It might be included.

Hope that helps! :)
It'll hold me off for a while, thanx

hmm... wonder why hasn't updated for this trailer yet -- i've seen it on tv a few times now. :unsure:
CD Universe has the track listing. There's no clips though, so I don't know which song it is. It's been available for purchase since Tuesday.
Barnes & Noble is really good about having samples of all the tracks on CDs listed there. (Now only if would do a better job of that...) Anyway, you can hear samples of all of the tracks off of Mystic River at their site.
Hello there, new here but have always used this website for questions about movie trailer songs, I Was wondering if yall could help me. The song that plays at the end of the mystic river trailer Official website
Sorry, Its Hymn 2 by Craig Armstrong. Its hard to make out when you heard Hymn 2 (other instraments play with it) but you can hear it in the background and the mood beat.