Music that would fit a Ninja theme


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hi, i was wondering if there was any music that would fit a ninja theme? there are two video games series'- Ninja Gaiden and Onimusha- out there and thought maybe Itunes might have a soundtrack for them. I checked and they dont. i would appreciate any suggestions. thanks.
well the splinter cell series is kinda ninja style, so their soundtracks could be worth checking. Also, some oriental and impresionistic pieces, may be what your looking for aswell
thanks for the suggestions. itunes doesnt carry the soundtrack to the Splinter Cell games. do you have any specific suggestions when it comes to the oriental or impressionistic music??? ->for the song "Who's Destiny?", i was wondering what the instrument playing was in the first ten seconds. its the one that sounds like a flute somewhat... in addition, i am interested in finding more music with that instrument in it and would appreciate any suggestions.