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Last fall (Oct, Nov) there was a song that was on the Chanel website ( with a piano playing a catchy song. It sounded like a much older song, like maybe 1920's or 30's. The other day, I immediately recognized it on some commercial, but unfortunately I dont remember what commercial it was. Im waiting to see it again, but does anyone know the music I am talking about?
Nope, I just downloaded that, and its not it. This song was faster and had more of an up tempo. Any other gusses?
Well, I have some more information. Being the person I am, I tried and emailed Chanel through their website and asked the question. I got a response! Here it is:

Dear Corey,

Thank you for your e-mail. We are so pleased that you enjoy the music
featured on the CHANEL website.

The instrumental piece was created by our Artistic Department and is,
therefore, not available for purchase.

We appreciate your continued interest in CHANEL.

Warm regards,
Consumer Relations

However, I do think I should be able to find it somewhere because I did see it on the commercial??? Maybe they thought I was talking about a different song?

I've seen those kinds of form letters before from different ad agences, sponsors and networks. They're not always telling the whole truth. Often times it's a well known song that they've recorded a version of for their own use. They can be quite liberal with the word "created" at times. <_<

If it's a song that seems familiar to you then I wouldn't give up based on that reply. ;)
Yeah I didnt figure it was originally theirs, because I wouldnt have heard it on another commercial which was NOT for Chanel.
Thanks, and ill keep tryin
Well, I have seen the commercial with the song that was on the website twice today. It is a commercial for Eucerin Calming Creme, and the piano music is played throughout the whole commerical. Apparently, it was not their original music from their creative department! HAH! So, if anyone sees this commercial, could you all please post if you know what the song is?