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MTVCanada runs these ads right now (I'm not sure if they are on American MTV as well)...I know of three.

One has the people playing pinball with 'Get Free' by The Vines playing.

Another has four guys taking pictures in a photo booth, with some Strokes song.

The last one shows a young guy throwing rocks at a girl's window, and he gets frustrated when she doesn't come to the window, so he pedals home on his bike and finds her there, about to throw rocks at his window. You see the girl turn around and see him and drop her handful of rocks. Anyways, I'm looking for the name of this song, it's rather slow, but quite pretty.

Can someone help?
:blink: What song is playing in the MTV commercial that says something like "music inspired by life," or "music plays on life" ??
not too sure lost boy, did you get my message about how the commercial went?
Yes...add another post about the description of what is going on in the commercial, dot.
In this commercial there is a young guy throwing rocks at is gal friends window only she's not there. He rides around on his bike and desides to go home. And when he gets there, she's there, throwing rocks at his window, and then the ad comes up, "music plays off life" or something like that. This commercial may only be in canada, i'm not sure. It's on MTV, but sometimes we see different commercials then everyone else. thanx for the help!!!
yep that's the one, but does anyone know the song? MTV canada
A boy throws rocks at a girls window, but she isn't there so he goes home to find her throwing rocks at his window. Its a woman who sings the song.... however I don't know who it is or what it is called? Can Anyone tell me?
I am looking for the song or singer from an MTV comerciail.
discription of the comercial:
There is this kid throwing rocks at a girls window, then after no answer, he starts to ride his bike back home. When he gets to his house the girl is standing there, and she drops some rocks from her hand. Then the message "life imitates music" comes on the screen.
The singer sounds female....
The artist or the song should be fine.
Thanks for any help. B)

edit: I found it, it's Destiny by Zero 7, so someone can lock/delete this post.
Does anyone know the name of the song that is being played in the MTV commercial where the boy is riding his bike to his gf's house, and is throwing rocks at her window? He doesn't see her home, so he goes back to his house, and finds her there, throwing rocks at his window? They don't really show this commercial anymore, but if anyone remembers it & the song, please let me know! Thanks!
there is a commercial played on mtv had a great song on it .Basically a little boy kept throwing rocks at a girls window and she didnt answer he walked away then when he went home the girl was doing the same thing that he was doing throwing rocks at his window and then he looked out and it was her does that make any sense to you guys
i really appreciate it if some one could tell me the song and who sings it…..
Been tryin to figure this out

its been a while since this was on tv looking for it for a special occasion
Please Help
i was looking for that commercial for like over a year thanks to whoever answered and whoe ever asked now i can breathe