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I've been lookin for this for a while, but what is the song called whenever it shows the sunday stew line up for pimp my ride?

it goes 'its my way' over and over and then its clue what it is
i checked and i didn't see this question anywhere. what is the song playing in the ad for the new season of the sunday stew on mtv? all i know is that it has the word 'friend' in it
Saw it, can't find any matches with lyrics.

The lyrics I heard are:

Everybody's got friends.
What about your friends
Those lyrics match a song called "Friends", I don't know who sang the version on the commercial (if that is indeed the right song) but I know that there is a version on Bette Midler's Greatest Hits CD. You can hear a sample here, scroll down to track 13.
It's definitely not Bette Midler... it's a male voice, kind of punk-house-remix type vibe, if that makes sense... :confused:
could it be a cover?!!! i know one of the new shows on the sunday stew has a similar title to the lyrics you posted, michelle....
we heard it again, and decided it sounds like The Offspring -- that style of music, and the voice sounds like the lead singer.
Just to clarify, I wasn't actually suggesting that it was Bette Midler, just that the lyrics sounded like a song that she had done. :D

Could anybody please help me find the new sunday stew commercial on MTV. The lyrics are:Friends, everybody's got friends frieeennnddds. It's rock. Please help
Does anybody know the song that is the theme of new MTV show You've Got A Friend? The song is also in the new Sunday Stew comercials.
Latest MTV ad for "Sunday Stew" -- stars Ashton Kutcher, Bam and Xzibit riding bikes through a hallway and shooting silly string at each other in front of an Airstream trailer.

The song is "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" by Air Supply. Link goes to available audio sample, track 6. Also available for download from .
My friend who works at MTV says the song is called "Mounds of Money" by a band called "The Capital Years." I have had no luck finding an album, website or anything from this band. let me know if anyone else can find out about this band.
oh fantastic! thanks so much! that very info was what brought me to this site. ;)

it seems to be confirmed in the forum on their website. their cd's are available through their site, but i've yet to find out which it's on. :\
the band is "The Capitol Years"

the website is:

they're an incredible unknown band who opened up for the Pixies at their first show back in 12 years.

Mounds of Money is on the upcoming album which won't be out for a little while longer.

if you like that, buy their EP 'Jewelry Store' to hold you over.

i think the song may be up on Emusic or Itunes soon, though not yet.
the entire song is now available for download from the site.

it's on the music page and the news page.

enjoy it.

and if you feel guilty, buy the EP or something, LP won't be out till Feb/March.