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Did anyone catch the mtv reality awards on tonight? I am looking for the song that played during pause worthy women ( women singing dance/rap like) and the song that played during the clips of Carmen and Dave's wedding vows segment....( reminded me of zero 7). Thanks!
There were lyrics in both and I will try to catch a repeat to tell you what they were...the rap song sounded very familiar...I'll try to get more info.
Ok the first song is when Trishelle is announcing who the nominees are and the song is a women singing move your body girls..makes the fellas...

The second song is during the cry me a river award with the nominees for Carmen and Dave, the music is something along the lines of Zero & sounding..but I can't really make out any words. It sounds like a women singing...??
yeah...ok the second is harder b/c I can't really hear the words. I figured that these are pretty mainstream songs since all the others kind of sounds like work it, or not something...
Ok I just heard the song again on the ashlee simpson show, it was the finale and she was going to an instore in california...?what songs are out right now that would have this is a mix of mood music with old smashing pumpkins...?
Good lord it is was just in the nissan armanda I found it...surfing on a rocket by air...I am not sure where I got work it....oh if someone would just find my sweet novemeber and wicker park song I could rest...
:lol: Glad you found the song. :) Sorry we didn't recognize it sooner...