2005 MTV Video Music Awards VMAs


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There is a up-beat Hop Hop song that MTV has been playing for the VMA's. Its plkayed after shoes during the credits showing ads for the VMA's..and on the VMA's when Usher rose out of the ground about a hour into the show they palyed it again...I dont know any lyyrics, u wuld have to c the ad's or VMA's...PLZ HELP!
hey guys... when "diddy" was doing his intro... they had like a greek/turkish (correct me if i'm wrong) belly-dancing music number with air-aerobics dancers hanging from cloth above.. the music was amazingg.g.. i love ANY music like this (ie: despina vandi - gia) thank-you!!

ps: it might have been made solely for the MTVs.. cuz i understand liljon and linkinpark worked on a VMA soundtrack... but it sounds very native.

EDIT: The 2005 MTV VMAs.. to clear up confusion =)


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Saw it on last night dont know if anyone recognized it or knows/has a list of all the music they had used. But its a techno song that comes up right after kelly Clarkson who is extremely supprized that she wins a VMA and as soon as she gets off the music starts playing and two other people come up to introduce the next people. Its a song i heard before just cant figure out who it is and i know i dont have the song, hope somone knows it thanx. It came on right after kelly clarkson just to remind you i dont remember what the peoples name that came on after her.
man i got excited when i saw somone replied but the saw you couldnt help well i think they have it on as a repeat so if you catch it let me know
Just saw the repeat of the VMA and was wondering maybe if anyone knew the music during the end credits possibly too. Its played during when they talk to nelly and the kayne west.
Hey guys!

I'm looking for the song in the intro performance by Diddy. It's right before he does the cool dance with the other people in white suits (music playing in the background is the instrumental Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl). The song that I'm looking for is played when all of the girl's in white clothing are dropping down from the ceiling. Also in the song that I'm looking for the words that are said "Stomp your feet, Clap your hands..." If anyone knows the name of this song PLEASE let me know. Thanks in advance.
mike shinoda and lil jon composed a score for the show. it's probably an instrumental made just for the vmas.
The music is probably Production Stock music. On the 2004 VMAs a large majority of the songs were produced by Stock Music companies such as Level One Music.
You could try! Jason Mattia will release a compilation of various songs featured on MTV later this year, so maybe you could try to obtain a copy.
You say it's a techno song ...

How would you describe it?

I watched a snippet of the VMAs when Kelly won an award (supposedly the 2nd one for her that night, I believe) ... where she comes up to the stage after walking under a series of water fountain arc squirts (the last one being tiny so she had to crouch down to get under it) ...

In the background then I heard an airy ethereal-sounding light techno song ...

For some reason that music (if it's the same one we're talking about here, which, i dunno...) reminded me of some music used on the video game SSX 3 (which fortunately is REAL music and not some random stuff composed for the game) ...

If this is the music you're looking for ... either I'll ask around about the game music for you or maybe I'll track down the game myself, pop it in, and listen out for it til I figure out what it is ...

Hope I helped ... if not, sorry!
yea i believe you are talkin about the same song i am, thats sweet. I'll look around to see if i can find the soundtrack for ssx 3 also, drop a line if you find it out.

Just popped in the SSX 3 game, went to the Credits, grabbed a pen and some paper, and wrote down all of the following:

Licensed Music

Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Higher Ground (X-Ecutioners Remix)"
Jane's Addiction - "Hypersonic"
Audio Bullys - "We Don't Care"
Andy Hunter - "Go"
Aphrodite - "Wobble"
Chemical Brothers - "Leave Home"
Dan The Automater ft. Q-Bert - "Bare Witness [?]"
Royksopp - "Poor Leno - Silicon Soul Remix"
Alpine Stars - "Snow Patrol"
Yellowcard - "Way Away"
N.E.R.D. - "Rockstar (Jason Nevins Remix)"
Ima Robot - "A is for Action"
Caesars - "Jerk It Out"
Kinky - "Mas"
X-Ecutioners - "Like This"
Swollen Members - "All Night"
Swollen Members - "Deep End (Utah Saints Remix)"
Overseer - "Screw Up"
Queens of the Stone Age - "No One Knows (U.N.K.L.E. Remix)"
Felix Da Housecat - "Silver Screen Shower Scene (Static Revenger)"
Fischerspooner - "Emerge (Junkie XL Remix)"
Deepsky - "Ride"
Black Eyed Peas - "Labor Day (It's A Holiday)"
Dilated Peoples - "Who's Who"
Fatboy Slim - "Don't Let The Man Get You Down"
Autopilot Off - "Clockworks"
Thrice - "Stare At the Sun"
The Faint - "Glass Danse (Paul Oakenfold Remix)"
Basement Jaxx - "Do Your Thing (Jaxx Club Remix)"
Placebo - "Bitter End"
Placebo - "Bitter End (Junior Sanchez Remix)"
K-Os - "Freeze"
MxPx - "Play It Loud"
Finger Eleven - "Good Times"

Original In-House Music

Powerplant (John Morgan & Kiki Stewardson) - "Avalanche"
John Morgan - "Buffet of Breaks"
John Morgan & Kiki Stewardson - "Full Throttle"
John Morgan & Kiki Stewardson - "Yellowcard (Peak 1 Theme)"
John Morgan - "Off and Gone (Peak 2 Theme)"
John Morgan - "Into The Storm (Peak 3 Theme)"
COT [or CDT] - John Morgan - "Theme Music for Allegra, Griff, Nate, and Zoe"

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to stop and listen to each and every song listed here for you ... but it should be easy to whittle it down some ... there are some obvious songs that would NOT be in contention for the song you're looking for (gulp, assuming I was right in my thought that the song was from this game ... sorry if it turns out otherwise!) ...


There you go.