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hey, does anyone know what song was played during the 2004 MTV VMA's best of show where they played the most shocking moments of past VMAs, and they played it when they were going to and coming from a commercial. Sorry for run on sentence, its pretty late.
Could you describe the song? Genre/type, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc?
cant really, its this short clip of something that sounds technoish, almost houseish, haha i can hum it, but i cant describe it, but it also plays on other VMA shows, like when they go to a commercial, they show the Palm Trees, and then MTVs VMAs 2004 live from Miami appears.
Well, there's a thread going on songs that MTV likes to use in various shows... You might find it listed there. :unsure:
I actually think I'm looking for the same song..It doesn't have words and it does sound techno... All I can get from it is OOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOO lol...A whole bunch of that...It's really airy sounding LOL...God I'm even confusing myself I think it's a male tho if that helps at all!..Sorry lol. I've been looking for this song since I first heard it on Pimp My Ride!
I think it's episode 15...Well the one with the Toyota Land Cruiser. The girls name was Gabby like her boyfriend dumped her and all that LOL. But it plays toward the end of the show I think right b-4 she see's her car. It's only for a quick sec while the camera is spanning around the car
oops.. that was you, wasn't it. I wasn't paying attention... :blush:
Can anyone find a list of all the songs from just that episode of pimp my ride? It's # 14 I tried MTV.COM didn't help. The song will probably be on the list