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I am trying to figure out a song clip that was played on this episode. I have no idea of the lyrics or the artist but the hook sounds as if kids are singing La La La.... La-La...La-La La. Sorry for the terrible description. I know it is a hip hop song from a few years ago. Can anyone help?!! :(
Im guessing the song is "No Escapin' This" by the Beatnuts, matches your description.
I was watching an episode of MTV cribs; it was a special eddition episode with just whips, rides and rims, and there was one clip of a song during a sceene, it was some type of remake to that old ass song "In My car" know, the one with the old techno goes something like..."here in my car, i feel safest of all, i can lock all my doors..sumthing sumthin cars..."

uh get it..

Anyway, if anybody knows who in the hell was rapping a remake of that song, let me know!

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This is just a guess, but after a little searching I found some other possibilities.

Check out "Koochy" by Armand Van Helden (track 3). It's basically a sample of the Gary Neuman version, but it's on a loop and record scratches have been inserted. It was also supposedly used in a Nissan commercial awhile back.

Another song that is loosely based on "Cars" is called "Hot Wheels" by Jim Crow.

If either of these isn't it...I'm out of ideas! :what:
MTV Cribs Cars

Does anybody known the song that is often played on MTV Crips mainly when the cars are being shown? For example: In Dale Earnhardt Jr.s first crib appearance. They played the song when he was showing off his cars/truck.


- I believe its a rap song.
- No Lyrics -- (just sounds like beating noise with a mix of something simlar to clapping)
i know i taped that episode...somewhere!! if i find it i'll try to figure out anything about the song!!!
The song is played when Dale Jr. shows off his Impala. The episode debuted in 2001.
The song is from the most recent MTV Cribs Whips, Rides, and Dubs Edition. If my memory serves me correct it's played a few times during the LA DUB Maganize show. The song has a hip-hop flava to it and is mostly orchestral. Can anybody help?