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there is this motorolla new advert. its e music phone one! where they are in a train. then all of a suddenly it goes to this scene where there is this indian bollywood looking girl dancing and shaking all over to this indian sounding song. anyone has any idea? hahaha so weird!

its cool.
Hi there!
Yes, I've been looking for the same tune and I haven't found anything! Does anybody know some info about this commercial? I think the song is from Panjabi MC, but I'm not sure. Do you maybe know the type of the phone in the ad?

Thnx! ;)
Can you find a link to the ad ? or describe the song in brief ?
Originally posted by sophist@Nov 29 2004, 08:24 PM
Apparently it's a remix of 'Chaiya Chaiya' by DJ AQEEL.
Hi again!

It is the song "cahaiya chaiya" but I've only found the original from the group called Dil Se. Searching for other artist, I've found that DJ Karma has made a remix of the song, but cannot find it on Kazaa or anywhere. Nor can I find a single site that the song is used in the Motorola commercial.
Has anybody found some kind of a link? :huh: Please let me know.

Thnx, cro_guy! ;)
I couldn't find any link to the version by DJ AQEEL.

You can listen to a full streaming version of the remix by DJ KARMA here (Track 1).
Useful information: it's an advert for MOTOROLA e398 phone.

It's definitely a remix from dj aqeel, but i also can't find it. :blink:

c u, cro_guy! ;)
"Dil se" is not a band :D

Its an Indian movie .. and the song "Chaiya chaiya" (and the soundtrack of "Dil se") is composed by A R Rahman sung by "Sukhvinder singh & Sapna awasthi"

Dj Aqeel is one of India's leading DJ's .. is his official site (not opening here atm)

I love DJ aqeel's songs .. but i hv to say that original version of "Chaiya chaiya" is the best

PS . Merry christmas to all :D
Originally posted by xsystus@Dec 25 2004, 11:30 AM
"Dil se" is not a band :D

Its an Indian movie ..
Ups - well, i'm not that informed, so..

Great, thnx for the info. I agree - the original song is much better than the one in the commercial.

Merry Christmas to everyone! ;)
Originally posted by cro_guy@Dec 25 2004, 04:49 PM
Great, thnx for the info. I agree - the original song is much better than the one in the commercial.
I love the whole "Dil se" ost .. i specially like the title song "Dil se re" and "Satrangi re" .. i even like "Ae ajnabi" .. lol i must say i like all the songs .. its worth to check .. if u like "Chaiya Chaiya" u will love the whole ost too :)
Thnx for the advice! ;) I'll download it right now. Hehe, I'm probably the only guy in Croatia that listens to this music. (hint: Croatia is a very small country :D )

Thnx and a happy New year!