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Can anyone help me? I am looking for a song in a car commercial. I saw it in Florida and it wasn't a very long commercial. The car was small and going around in circles very fast. I think but I am not sure it was a Mitsubishi commercial. I have gone to their site and played all the songs for the different cars and it's not one of them. I have been trying for weeks and I can't get the song out of my mind. Some of the lyrics I was able to get are: Please do it for me.....Promise (don't know the next word) then,'s over tonight.......I can't believe.
The song is sung by female artists maybe r&b or rythmn and soul. They remind me of Destiny's Child but it's not them. Have heard the song once at work but wasn't allowed to turn it up so I couldn't hear the lyrics and it was on broadband so they didn't announce who sang the song or the name of it. This is driving me crazy if anyone can help I would appreciate it.
gypsystarr, the lyrics sound like "24" by Jem.

You can hear a clip here, track 5.
Oh my God, that's it. I have been searching since the 1st week of April. Thank you, thankyou, thank you, thank you...............................Leone, how did you find it? :D