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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the song played during a commercial for the Mitsubishi Lancer.

In the commercial, a yellow Lancer pulls up to a group of street racers at night, and as the car's window pulls down, we see a man and a woman in the car and the woman asks one of the street racers directions to some place.
Could it be either of the songs mentioned in this previous thread?

The Clone Defects "Low Fashion Lovers" (audio sample here, track 1)
Deltron 3030 "Positive Contact" (audio sample here, track 5)

If it's not either of those, can you describe the music? I've seen the ad, but really don't remember the music. :unsure:
Hmm, I don't really remember what the song sounded like. All I can tell is that it had a hip hop beat. It might be "Positive Contact" but I have to watch the commercial again to verify.

Thanks nonetheless :).
i'm not sure what kind of car they're advertising, but it features a yellow car driving by a group of other people with nice cars and the couple in the yellow car roll down their window to ask for directions....well there's a song in the background, anyone know the name of it? sorry i can't remember what kind of car it is :(
Also on a quest for that song...

Turns out to be by Deltron 3030 - self-titled album - cut is called Positive Contact.

Album is hip-hop genre...

Ad is for Mitsubishi Lancer, and she's asking for directions to the freeway on-ramp...

looking for the song played durring the mitsubishi lancer commercial where the couple drives up to the street racers and asks where the on ramp is.
all i need is the title

i am looking for the song that is played in the background of the mitsubishi lancer commercial.

you see the lancer drive around then it pulls up to a bunch of these modified cars, rolls down the passenger window and a lady says " sorry to bother you guys.. do you know where the on ramp is? " then the lancer drives away.

if anyone knows the name of the song and artist, it would be greatly appreciated.

thank you in advance.