Mitsubishi Eclipse "Start the Commotion"


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I've been going crazy trying to figure out the tune used in a recent car commercial. the commercial showed different people rocking to a song while driving at nignt. Very cool tone with a catchy corus " wind it up baby".. Sounds like a Fatboy Slim tone or something similar...
What else is going on in the ad? Are they driving down a deserted street/highway or are they driving past buildings. Was it a SUV or a sedan?

Maybe try "Horndog" by Overseer... Link goes to available audio sample.
Thanks Michelle;

it is a car commercial, possible mits or v.w., and they are driving through the city. the commercial makes it seem as if they're in a night club, with heavy base music.
I really want this one song I heard on TV once. I would really appriciate it if someone could tell me the artist's name and the title of it. I hardly know anything about it. All I'm sure of is that
1) it was on a car commercial (i know, alot of help)
2) some of the words go somehting like this "......get your body in mo-tion!....get your body in mo-tion!......get your body in mo-ion-tion-tion-tion!"
I think it might have been a 2003 commercial but i don't know. I have no clue what car brand it was. Does it sound farmiliar to anyone? Please help me out here.
i think you are looking for the song "start the commotion" from their album "antidote"
ULTIMATE DAMN! I looked on like 50 music sites and I couldn't find a working mp3 of that song. Please. Does anyone know where i could download it?

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is the song and artist for the old Mitsubishi commercial "Get your body in motion, and forget the commotion?"
Car commercial

I need help with a song that has been in my head for a while now.The thing is it's from like 2003-2004.The song was playing in a commercial advertising a car(don't remember what brand though).I remember getting the name of the song from this site,because someone had asked who sang the song too at the time.But,i can't remember now lol....Anyway,i know that the song is techno,the song starts off with a explosive bass sound,and then something like Ba,Ba,Ba,Ba,Ba,Ba,Baaaaaaa,then something else like put body in motion.That's all i remember.If this helps the song sounds like it's on the lines of The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy.And,yeah i tried looking in the past archives, and came up empty handed.So,can anyone help me?The song is driving nuts!!
Re: Car commercial

The song you are looking for is Start the Commotion by the Wiseguys. It is the first song that got me started on collection music from commercials. :)