Mitsubishi Colt


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Well this is my first time here... I like this site... :lol: really I do! It has some commercial songs that I had forgot... Normaly I don't have problems getting a music of commercials, but this time... :( I checked your topics until the 12 page but to no avail...

Does anyone know the music and the autor of the new Mitsubishi Colt? The one that has a women driving undersea? It's nice, I like it, but I can´t find it... :unsure:

I apreciated some help. Thank you...
I haven't seen it. When and where did you see it? Must be REALLY new. :unsure:
Well I don't really know when... Guess a week... But in Portugal! Cars here tend to show up a month later they are released but others don't. :huh:

I found a commercial regarding colt released in october but it's not the same...
Hey - I think I found your answer here. Says the song is "The Switch" by Planet Funk.

I was wondering if anybody knows what the song is on the new Mitsubishi Colt ad? And who it is? Every time its on i end up humming it for hours!!!

Thanks B)