Missy Elliot & Ninjas


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if you know what im talking about the commerical where missy elliot and her dancers look like video game characters and they are dancing and ninjas come out...

...is that an actual song of Missy Elliot cuz idn i think the commericial is awesome thanks
To add a bit more information ...

I believe that this commercial ... as well as another that I've seen with Green Day performing on stage - jumping up and down until their heads pop off and bounce around - also done to make them look like video-game characters ...

Are for Yahoo! Music (Launch?) or something related somehow to that.

Hope that helps out whoever wants to help out here ...
Haven't seen this commercial (just the Green Day one), but I'm willing to bet the track used is "Lose Control."
I've seen this commercial and it's NOT Lose Control. Sorry I can't be more help but I know it's not Lose Control. I've been wondering what the song is as well, probably from the new album Cookbook - I don't think I've heard that song on any of the older albums

You're right. Track is from The Cookbook - 'Joy' (feat. Mike Jones).

Listen to sample here (Track 1).