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Does anyone know the group (and the name of the song) that sings in the new Miller Beer Commercial? It has lyrics that go: Nothing Pains in Paradise what's mine can be your indefinitely... then there are some Indian sounding music. HELP!
I hate to say it, but nothing really happening in the commercial. A guy gets a beer at a bar, and I think he gets up to walk over to a television. And that's it. The music sounds like it would have been in either Snatch or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The beginning of the song goes..."Nothing pains in paradise..." and then it keeps going with some Indian guitar sounds. Look out for it and PLEASE, if anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
Here's whats going on:

A guy is in a bar with a bottle of MGD in his hand. As he walks past a large full-length mirror, he notices that the bottle's reflection in the mirror is that of a glass of draft beer. Curious, he walks toward the mirror and taps his bottle to the image of the glass in the mirror. Some foam runs down the side of the glass in the mirror. He smiles and nods his head.

The Miller site does not yet have this commercial up, but I emailed them a question about the music. I'll let you know when they respond.
Thanks! I went into brain lock with thinking about what type of Indian guitar it is. I think I may call Miller tomorrow because this is driving me crazy! I would hate it if it is just a piece some band wrote specifically for that commercial.
OK, I just *had* to see Ruth, but couldn't figure out which site to go to, so I chose for starters.. My guess is either way, ya wind up in the same place.. but instead of Ruth, I found Manny.

Manny Says:
Our Miller Genuine Draft team works with the J. Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather advertising agencies to create ads campaign for MGD.

I don't know if that helps anyone or not..

edit: I FOUND RUTH!! I guess ya just have to hit the "Talk To Us" button a few times to filter through the scum until she shows up. :lol:
I did notice that the ad is now on Miller's site. Its called "Draft in Mirror" though there are no details on it. Hopefully someone will recognize the song...
Turtle - Isn't there another thread on that commercial? :D Sorry, I don't recognize the music.

Anyway, about "Draft in Mirror". WooHoo! Its on the Web! Thanks for the heads up prb4t. I identified the following words/lyrics:

"can be yours"
"don't try to fight"

When I searched the web for these I got a big "ZERO"! Anyone know any good lyrics databases to search?
Finally, an answer!!!!

"Thank you for contacting us and for your interest in the song in the Miller
Genuine Draft "Mirror Mirror" commercial.

The name of the song is "Way Out" by Lazy. We're not sure if the CD is
available yet for consumer purchase. Please check with your local retail

Well guys, if we're talking about Miller Genuine Draft commercials, I already posted earlier the answer that I got from their website:

Manny Says:
Our Miller Genuine Draft team works with the J. Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather advertising agencies to create ads campaign for MGD.

Which means that the songs are commissioned.
Ah, Man! I was really hoping "Lazy - Way out" was it.

Anyway, here are the lyrics as I hear them on the commercial:

Nothing pains in paradise
Where you (soon? soul?) loose yourself in an infinite (vice? glass?)

Don't try to fight that (girl?) you see
Peace of mind can be yours indefinately
I just saw this commercial a minute ago, during a football game (on sunday night). The commercial was for Miller Genuine Draft beer (i'm pretty sure). I don't really know what was going on, but there was a guy who was holding a bottle of beer i think. It looked like he might be in a night club or something like that, and I think it showed a lit up city at nighttime. The singer was a woman with kind of a sultry voice, it sounded like it might be older? At the end of the song, it had a sitar being played. Sorry this is not much info. but i HAVE to know what this song is! Thanks.
Isn't "Lazy" a heavy metal band? I looked through some of their music on Amazon and they seemed to be. The music in the commercial is anything but heavy metal. Maybe we should email Miller back and ask if a mistake could have been made?
Just got a response from Miller. I asked them if perhaps they were mistaken with the information "Way out" by Lazy.... They responded, that they are quite sure that information is accurate. :(
It looks like the band we're seeking is called "L.A.Z.Y.", AMG has this to say of their '95 release When We Were Young:

Adamski returned to music in 1994 when he formed L.A.Z.Y. with singer Loretta Young. The duo's single, "When We Were Young," blends house, funk and jazz with Middle Eastern elements. The 12-inch includes remixes by Tony Thorpe, Herb Peters and the Jet Slags.

I'm preceding from here.
Okay, emailed one of the guy's in the band L.A.Z.Y. and Ogilvy & Mather's spokesperson... let's see where this gets us.
Nope, sorry led- looks like that '95 release was a 12" vinyl... nothing showing anywhere. Still waiting to hear from either of the above. Not sure on hearing back from O&M, but I think I stand a good shot of hearing from the band member if you give it a few days.
Hey All,

I just caught the ad again last night. I'll have to check out this L.A.Z.Y. band. The girl's vocals remind me alot of Morcheeba. Hmmm..I'm always looking for some good Trip-Hop, now that the Trip-Hop craze has sort-of died out it's getting harder to find good releases. I'd kill for a new Postishead cd.

........making paradise....
lose yourself
and in-

{the bridge}
don't try to fight
the girl you see
your mind
can be yours in-
sitar riff................................
Ugh, im so sad! So I found that website that sells rare music cds/records/etc. and found many copies of L.A.Z.Y.'s song "when we were young".....I get it in the mail today and its some terrible club/dance kinda music that sounds really recent, but on the cover it says "L.A.Z.Y.....when we were young" many groups out there are named L.A.Z.Y. and have a song with that same name?? Anyone know where to get a real copy of that song from the commercial? I know the song was not made just for the commercial! any help is appreciated!
Hang on, wasn't the song called Way Out? why buy a song called "When we were young"?