Mercedes E Class


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Anyone seen this? It says "The real reason you get up early for work" and I guy wakes up to an alarm clock, gets coffee, turns on the shower and then leaves. Great piano music while he's headed to work. It's a Mercedes commercial. Thanks!
Haven't seen the ad and I didn't find it on the Mercedes-Benz website. If it's piano music, my guess is that it's an original composition, much like the majority of M-B's other ads. (I could, of course, be wrong since this is just a guess!) :)

Has anyone else seen the ad/recognized the music?
I've seen the ad, but I don't recognize the music. I believe it's a dealers association spot, which may be why it's not on the website. For the most part, I've only seen separate dealers association ads for Mercedes in New York or Los Angeles.

Oh, I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Vicki, and I work at a company that tracks television advertising. And like my signature says, my job is to watch commercials for 8 hours a day. I generally work on a product that tracks national car advertising, so if anyone needs any info on those types of spots, I'll see what I can do.
hey vicki! great to have someone on the "inside."

what exactly do you have to do for your job, aside from watching ads?
How to explain my job... <_<

My main job is watching commercials from the top 100 TV markets, about 40 cable networks, and a bunch of Canadian markets and try to describe them in 40 letters or less, without the benefit of full video, I might add. That way, if Pepsi needs to track all their spots featuring Beyonce, let's say, they can buy our products, pull up all the creative titles with Beyonce in them, and get the info they need (ratings, program info, price, air dates and times, etc). That's where knowing songs counts, and this website is a godsend to me and my co-workers.

I also work on a product called AdDetector, which gives more detailed info within 48 hours of first air date to our clients who are willing to pay the exhorbitant amount for is, which right now includes Y&R, GM and Zenith media. With that product, we monitor national car commercials, phone ads, cable and satellite companies, and some financial companies. For that part of the job, I have to type in all of the attributes of the spot (for a car ad, I've gotta put down a price, lease information, financing, cash back and when the offer ends).

Definitely an odd way to make a living!