Mercedes E Class Ark Commercial - 2001


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The music is the finest I have ever heard in a TV spot; I first saw this ad in 2001 and immediately set out to find the tune. After 3 years of occasional searches, I have finally found these forums... please help!

The ad can be found here:
Modern Ark- Mercedes E 2001
(I could only get the Real version to work)

For those who would rather not click, it is a 60-second 2001 spot in which pairs of animals, works of art, pianos, and all sorts of goodies are being loaded onto a large ark, capped by an E and an E wagon driving up a ramp onto the ark, with the question posed: "What would you bring if you were loading the ark today?"

Anyhow, that's the background. If anyone has ANY clue for where to find this score, it would be greatly appreciated (I can put 3 years of angst behind me).