Me, Myself and Irene

"Fire Like This" by Hardknox is the song that goes "Na Na Na Na we're gonna rock you."

Thats not the song I'm talking about. I'm looking for the song thats played throughout the scene when he first turns into Hank in his home town and goes rampaging around; drowning the anoying little girl, drinking from the MILF's breast & crashing the car into the barbershop.
hello folks, just saw MMI, an di like it a bit
there was 1 song that stayed in my head though. It features a male voice, and has harmonica in it. It's not the upbeat song i want to know. That's Hardknox. But there is this softer song that features really nice harmonica in it. I already check IMDB, but couldn't find it there.
i think it's featured when Jim carey and renee zelweger are on a motorcylce to somewhere...
I know I'm a bit vague, but hopefully you can help me...


belgian greets,

thanx a lot :)

but this isn't the song, it doesn't feature a harmonica at all

but i appreciate your help

Well, lessee...
Ive been through the movie twice now, the song with them on the motorcycle as they leave town to go back to the New York police station, MOST DEFINITELY is "The World ain't Slowin' Down".
The ONLY harmonica music I've found in the whole movie was during the scene where Charlie and Irene are in the hotel room together and he's showing her the photo of his kids and he dressed as Wizard of Oz characters,and that is the harmonica solo from "The World ain't Slowin' Down". The song shows up again at the end of the movie when Irene leaves, and is pulled over , and Charlie proposes. It then closes out the movie over the end credits.
Add this to the mix:
Personnel: Ellis Paul (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica)
From the album credits,
And Im going to have to stand by my answer that it is "The World ain't Slowin' Down" by Ellis Paul.
And if you like, I can send you a sample to show you.
I have to agree with Bruno...
I watched the movie the other night looking for something different too, but that's the only song there is when they're on the motorcycle. However, the song by Hardknox has a harmonica too, but you said it's not that one. I'm fresh outta ideas :what:
I've been searching for this thing for ages! I'm thinking it was probably made by some production company. I've seen this question asked in many forums across the net, but it has never been answered. It's not on the soundtrack, it's not IMDB's full soundtrack listing, and it's never been answered in the six or more times it's been asked on the IMDB "Me, Myself & Irene" forums. Somebody also asked about it already here on Ad-Tunes to no avail. :(
Well thats too bad. I know I've heard it in something else too, but I just can't remember where. Thanks for the info though!

its the song that plays when he drives the car into the barber shop.
it says "im not fit to touch the hem of your garment" anybody know?
its not on the soundtrack by the way.
thanks :D