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I saw the movie Me Myself and Irene and there was a song at the part when anthoney anderson was looking on the computer and said " See i told you that motherfucker Vince Foster was murdered" It stops at the end of that scene when the two agent come to the door and say boys pack your bags. It is very hard to hear. It sounds like circus music mixed with rap.

Anyone have any idea what the name is of the song and/or band that plays in the background of 'Me, Myself and Irene' as they push the car into the water?
To the best of my knowledge it isn't featured on the soundtrack.
I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know the music...

Did you check the Soundtrack listing at
hey does anyone know that song from the scene in "Me, Myself and Irene" where Charlie goes to town to visit the barbershop, grocery store etc. but it's the scene where he drives down the street, parks and gets off of his bike, right there. It kinda sounds old too, something like The Beatles or maybe The Beach Boys, or at least the voices kinda sound like it. Hopefully someone will know.
yeah thanks! Ridzik6! weirdly enough it's not on the actually Me, Myself and Irene Soundtrack, but thanks though.
It was a song with a Hip Hop sound. I don't remember any of the lyrics, but this song was being played when Charlie's kids airlift their dad and Irene out of the river.

Thanks for those who can help me out.
I was wondering if anybody knew the name of the song at the end of the movie Me, Myself, and Irene. It plays as Renee Zelwegger is driving in her car and comes upon a group of police officers blocking the road. Any ideas would help.

Thats a good song. It's called The World Ain't Slowin Down By Paul Ellis.
There's this song that plays a few times when Jim Carrey's character Charlie starts "changing" into Hank and it's drums and harmonicas playing while a chorus says "na na na na na, we're gonna rock you!" and that's all we get, but it plays several times. I know there was a fuss about it a while ago to find the song, so I'm hoping somebody here may be able to help? Does anybody know what it is called and who by?

"Fire Like This" by Hardknox. I don't know how to create links but you can sample the song at The cd that it's on is called "Urbal Beats 3" and it's track 11. I'm pretty sure that's the song.
yeah that's it! Thanks a lot guys! Wish those IMDB soundtracks would have a spot where you can say when the music was used in the film, especially if it was a song used repeatedly like this one. Thanks again!
Whats the song playing during the first time Charlie turns into Hank? It's played throughout the scene when Hank is rampaging around town. Its not on the official soundtrack that can be found on so you can rule those out.