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Does anyone know what song this is? It's the song for the new Max Payne video game commercial. Max Payne 2 : The Fall of Max Payne. It's a very exotic sounding song with like a flute or clarinet as the main sound. It sounds like it could be an Enigma song.
not to infringe on what was asked earlier i too want to know the song from A Max Payne 2 ad. One that i can recall is a re-done old one. Let me explain: this ad is the same one as another from before however this time they have reviews of the game from various sources streaming along the bottom of the screen( all of which are raving< given the game has been improved upon on every aspect including the shorter gameplay ride :angry: none the less i highly recommend the PC version) Moreover thanks B)
If Your Reffering To The Max Payne 2 Trailer and it sounds like an Orchestra you can download it off the Max Payne 2 Website it's the Main Theme of the song. :lol: