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Does anyone know the song used in the new Metroid Prime 2: Echoes commercial? It shows an animated character walking down a hall and metroid armor keeps falling on a off of her body. Thanks.
Heh I was just about to ask for this song title/artist too! It sounds techno or industrial. Any help?
Oh, afraid not Michelle, this is a brand new one. Just for the one game not for the coming attractions. I remember that song and it isn't even close, unfortunately.
I have seen this commercial and I also really want to know what the song title is. It's great.
Michelle, I found the ad online:

It's in the Nintendo webpage, for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes as "Two Seperate Worlds: One Shadow, One Light" showing the girl going down the alley with the armor going on and off her body as she walks with the music playing. Here's the link to the page: Metroid Prime 2

Hope this helps, anybody who can figure the song out gets some undying gratitude : )
Ok. Sorry that I have yet to respond, but I never went as far as to click on this forum after being showed that there were no replies. I just emailed nintendo asking if they could inform me/us of the song used in the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Two Seperate Worlds: One Shadow, One Light commercial. I will update you all if and when I receive a reply.
So I got an extremely disappointing reply. I was told that they are not aware of the music used in their commercials, therefore our question has yet to be answered. :cry:
A company that not only makes the game system but the game itself doesn't know their own commercial music? Geez. Well it's up to the forum now, I'd guess!
I was trying to find the song in order to stop my mad rampage and I came across someone saying that the song is Rob Zombie's More Human Than Human. There seem to be multiple versions of the song and I am not sure if they were talking about the same commercial that we are. I will keep on looking! :D
Yeah, the post was back in august which seems waaaaay too far back for it to be the same one.
It is definately not "More Human Than Human", because I just saw it air again and listened close. It sounds like an industrial band, maybe a Skinny Puppy song or something somewhat obscure.. or maybe they just made the music themselves for the commercial, which unfortunately is possible. Hopefully somebody can watch the ad from the link I posted (that ad in its entirely is on Nintendo's official site) and maybe if they are a industrial/techno/trance fan, help us out : ) Michelle, you seem like a fan of good music, maybe you can help!
Dudes they don't do the actual promotion, or marketing of their products man, nor that retro company. They hire marketing firms to promote edit stuff. Try and find information of what marketing company, or firm that created the commercial. :p :unsure:
oh and also, the commercial advertises nothing about Retro studios, it only mentions that the game is a Nintendo Gamecube product. This leads me to believe that Retro Studios had little or nothing to do with finalizing of the the commercial.
So out of the 569 people who have viewed this post, not one person has the slightest clue? Gosh, this whole dilemma is taking over my mind, and I have yet to find anything that would lead us to an answer. Will someone please help me regain my sanity?
Okay, I just finished watching an episode of CSI.. and all those little crazy ways to piece evidence together suddenly clicked in my head how to find this song.

If you hear the ad in full (not the shorter version that aired tonight) you will be able to hear some of the lyrics in the chorus. I can't quite make it out because I was listening to the online low-band version.. however, I did tape a TV show with that commercial in it last week. The key probably lies in this:

1. Somebody needs to get a copy of the commercial, or have a good set of speakers to listen to it on the Nintendo site (my speakers are.. not.. good)

2. Get the lyrics by listening, repeating, maybe even cutting that part of the song and slowing it somewhat with an audio editor..

3. Check the best lyrics engines for the lyrics, to get possible matches.

Nintendo uses various songs of various decades, but this is obviously newer (as in 90's+) and is probably available lyric-wise on the 'net. The trick is to slow the singer's vocals down until you can understand what's being said and check that with a search engine, namely a lyrics search site. Unfortunately there are two other possibilities:

1. Could be production music (stock music used, for example, in the Rumble Roses women wrestling game trailer, which is a famous song only available to big companies and not for the public)

2. Could be Nintendo created. If it is in the game itself, they have to credit the song at some area, so.. if you guys have the game, check guides or credits.. gotta be there somewhere! If Nintendo made it, though, unless they release it on a CD, search is kinda over.