Mastercard snow angels


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Anyone seen this commercial yet? It shows a family having fun making snow angels, with a soft, slightly electronic sounding piano in the background. The music builds in volume until it breaks out with some drums and (possibly, I don't remember) guitar. This song sounds too perfect for the ad to not be contracted, but I'm still holding out hope :)

Any ideas?
Well, I just e-mailed Mastercard about the commercial. Waiting for a reply... chances are it's made for the commercial.
Sorry, didn't read the rules and didn't know about bumping :(

I sent an email to Mastercard too, and that was over a week ago... I hope they reply, just some closure on whether or not this song is contracted would please me right now :rolleyes:
Well, I got this dumb e-mail from them thanking me for visiting their website and saying that someone would reply to my e-mail shortly if it needs replying to... Meh.
I've been seeing this commercial alot during Lost and Amazing Race, both of which plan on CTV in Canada. If anybody has any idea, please, suggest it. It's probably made for the commercial, but it's such a good song. Mastercard never e-mailed me back.