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In this commercial the guy is eating it while walking past buildings and such and the lights go on as he passes under or next to them, its an 80s sounding track the lyrics i hear at the end are "how does it feel".
Does anyone know the name of this song? It's like this disco/dance/funk song. It is awesome!

Please reply :)
i live in canada, but the ad should in the states aswell. it's a mars bar commercial with a guy walking eating his mars bar and having lights light up all around him, with this music playing in the backround.

can anyone help me out ?
The group is "New Order"....the song is "Blue Monday"..I think it is from the New Order Substance 1987 album!
The group is "New Order"...the song is "Blue Monday"...I think it is from the New Order Substance 1987 album!
I'm addicted to that tune and I hear it all the time. The only lyrics heard in the commercial are "how does it feel?" it's definitely an 80's synth pop song...or at least it sounds like it. The commercial shows a guy walking around town and everything he passes lights turn on following him.
Just saw an awesome commercial for Mars bars, a bloke walking through the city with various thinkgs lighting up and starting up as he walk past them. There's an excellent techo-kinda beat and tune going on in the background. As he eventually walks into a corner store, there's a brief lyric along the lines of "How does it feel...", as a motto of "Recharge on Mars" shows on screen.

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