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Does anybody know the name of the songs featured on new MTV Made premiere commercial featuring the girl surfing. They use the second song on TRL everyday for background music. This song was also the last song used on The Real World Philadelphia preview special. The song was kind of Indie rock. I hope this helps.
i was wondering about that too. but if you don't know the answer, then we are screwed!!!
I dunno, it sounds like a song by Sea Ray, but it might not be a song by Sea Ray. I can usually find songs used on MTV commercials, but I'm not too sure about this song. I e-mailed the music supervisors at TRL and they haven't responded. It must be some sort of "made-for-Mtv-song" or MTV's ripping off a great band (again).
Alot of times show's use the instrumentals of popular song's as background music, it's not ripping them off.
But the bands MTV uses as background music are relatively unknown and MTV should give the bands proper credit. These bands probably sent their music to MTV for promotion, but these bands aren't featured on the MTV website or included as music credits on the TRL website.
It's probably one of these three:

Postal Service "District Sleeps Alone Tonight"

Sidewalk Slam "Time Will Pass You By"

Modest Mouse "Float On"
Thanks, but it wasn't one of the songs you listed.