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Music used in the 'Love Actually' - official site trailer..

The Jacksons - ??
The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
?? - ??
Natalie Cole - Everlasting Love

I would swear that they had used Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas Is You.' - amazon has a RA sample up. Now that I think about there might be more than one trailer for this movie. I know I heard Mariah Carey... *I can't stand her, but my sister used to play her CDs all the time!*

Link to the movie's soundtrack at Amazon which will be available on Tuesday, November 11th.

That 3rd song I have no clue. If anyone does - COOL. :D
Wasn't "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" by Natalie Cole one of em? I think it's also used in a Red Lobster ad..
Strike my last, I just remembered that the Red Lobster commercial song is The Emotions "You Get The Best Of My Love", so the Natalie Cole song is definitely the one I heard on the Love Actually trailer..
Can someone help me find out what music is playing in the tv trailer? Here is a a link to it - Love Actually tv spot.

It's playing in the background but i can't make out the lyrics :unsure: . It sounds really nice though. CAn any of you help? Thanx. :)

EDIT: AH! I just realized that the music playing is Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas Is You.' This must have been the trailer MsBHaven was thinking about. Anyways... Mystery solved thanks to me :D .
Olivia Olson sings "All I Want for Christmas" from Love Actually.

Silly me. It IS Olivia Olson now that i listen to it again. It doesn't sound like mariah at all. Now if only i can get that version :)
well took the sdtk listing off the site... i've been looking for olivia olson's version of that song. can't fine it... i'm tempted to try direct connect.
Go to Wal-Mart and get the Love Actually soundtrack. I have it and it has all the songs and then 3 bonus Christmas songs and the very last song is Olivia Olson "All I Want for Christmas" and Wal-Mart doesn't sell UK Versions so it's on the US Version.
Olivia Olson, 12, sings Mariah's "All I want for Christmas" in the trailer and another version live in the film. She recorded the studio version in London for the soundtrck CD, a catchy arrangement I like as much as Mariah's original. When I first heard Olivia O's version on a TV ad, it stuck in my head all day! I was curious and found reviews with info on O.O., apparently a musical prodigy discovered by the British producers:

1. --"The few American actors have juicy parts, however, including a sly role by Billy Bob Thornton as the American President, and the 12 year old "dream girl" Olivia Olson who sings like an angel at the end of the film, in a scene which ties many of the love stories together. (Olson, a phenomenal talent discovered by Curtis and flown to England to sing in the film, also belts out one of my favorite cuts on the soundtrack album, Mariah's beautifully unsophisticated "All I Want For Christmas.)" -- Rolling Stone review

2.-- "The 1st song performed in the film is Bill Nighy's hilarious "Love is All Around". The 2nd, Lynden Hall's soulful "All You Need is Love". The 3rd is 11 year old Olivia Olson who bursts onto the screen at the end of the film---in what is truly a "Star Is Born" moment---singing like an angel, belting out Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas. I like the CD remixes, and the live performances of Bill, Lyndon and Olivia have a raw, funny, joyful quality that enriches the film. Get the soundtrack for Brian Wilson and Eva Cassidy's best songs, and to experience the discovery of little Olivia Olson who certainly seems like a future mega-star." -- Amazon review
Does anyone know the names of the songs played in the Love Actually trailer?
There is this song that I just really love and that is not on the soundtrack.
Can anyone help me out?
yes, I just found out, it was the Natalie Cole song

Thanks a lot! :D