Lost in Translation


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Does anyone know the song that is playing at the end of the movie when Bill Murray is in the taxi and he sees Scarlett Johansen walking on the sidewalk, and he goes after her? I've listened to almost every song on the soundtrack, but none sound familiar. If anyone knows... Thanks!
I can't remember the song exactly, but you can look through the end of the Soundtrack listing at IMDb.com... Maybe you'll notice it there. :)
It's Jesus and Mary Chain-" Just Like Honey". I believe it's from the Honey's Dead album. Great stuff.

Hi. What are the songs that are sung during the karoake scene? I think one is a Cranberries song. Not sure...

You know that song that's playing in the strip club when Billy Murray and Scarlet Johansson go into it.

I'm not really sure how it goes, exactly, but I know it's somewhat like this: "Suckin' on my titty!" and blah, blah, blah. Lol

Help, please.
Whilst we're talking about practically the same scene, does anyone know that song playing whilst they're watching the girls dancing...goes something along the lines of "I want to f*** you in the a**...i want to f*** u in the a**"...etc

hey does anyone know the song that concludes the film and goes through the beginning of the credits ?
Girls - Death In Vegas at the starting credits and
Just Like Honey - The Jesus & Mary Chain at the start of the end credits
Does anyone know the name of the song that's playing when Scarlett is sitting in the window of her hotel looking out over Tokyo? It's just an electric guitar solo that plays over and over, and I was wondering if it was real song and where I can download it if it is.
In the karaoke scene in "Lost in translation" Scarlett Johansson sings a song with lyrics something like "you're so special" etc. Does anyone know the original artist and the title?

Thanks a bunch!!
"Brass in Pocket" by the Pretenders, audio sample here track 3. Also available from .
BTW, in the karaoke scene Bill Murray sings "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding" by Elvis Costello and "More Than This" by Roxy Music.
Anyone know what the name of the song is that starts 44min into Lost in Translation? It starts as Bob and Charlotte leave for the nightclub to meet Charlie and then ends there. It's *not* the Chemical Brothers. That song plays a bit later. It's a dreamy kinda spacepop song. Probably Japanese.
Ok, I'm a total moron. After reading enough posts saying the song was by the Chemical Brothers I relented and gave the song another listen on Amazon and it is indeed the song I was looking for. Sounded different to me the first few times I heard it I guess. Totally should have been on the soundtrack.

For the record it is the "State We're In" from Come with Us.
Does anyone know the two songs played at the arcade scene with Charlotte walking around and watching people?
One song is when the guy is playing the guitar, he's playing the Guitar to this song.
The second song is when the guy is hitting the colored buttons, again to this song.

Here is a list to all the songs in the movie, but Im not sure if there 2 are in this list. Ive tried looking but no luck since these songs are in Japanese.

Thanks to whoever helps me! I wanna know these songs very badly!