Looking for a really old car commercial(last year)


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All i can remember is that it was for either a truck or SUV, and that it was for GM. there was a part in the commercial when you saw the vehicle getting thrown into a giant wastebasket and then it shifted the view so that it was a piece of paper with a concept idea being thrown away by a guy at a table.

the music started out with piano, really slow and moved into a full orchestra near the end...

im not sure if anybody will be able to help me with this, but any information would be helpful(i just found adtunes.com today) and i really really liked this song :unsure:
I remember the commercial, but unfortunately, I do not remember the music. Sorry! I hope someone else can help you out :)
Check this forum.

U prob. tried to search GM but there was an error message. This forum can't handle searches with less than 4 letters so u have to add underscores e.g. _GM_ and then it will search.
Yip, but not remembering the company myself I still found it by searching GM. rabid9797 was close enough.