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Logo has a new commercial out promoting their network and I wanna know the long that plays during it. This commercial has their up coming shows such as Kylie Minogue Live, some comics, and Real Momentum. In one part of the commercial I can hear the lyric "Imagination" but thats all I can decipher. Some one pleace help me out!
The LOGO network has a series of commercials playing where baby pictures are shown of a couple through their youths, adolescence and then to the present day with them together. There's a poppy R&B song playing in all these commercials, but the only lyrics you hear are "Oh you're never gonna find love, if you don't mind love" and there's a snippet about "I've been travelling all over the world searching every boy and girl".

ANY help would be greatly appreciated - it's driving me nuts.
I'm also looking for this music, but I think the one I'm thinking about is different. It's right at the end of the collage, when they're showing the Angels in America clip and the Logo logo. It's an extreamly vocoded dance song, and the only lyrics I can make out are "... it's alright, I'm gonna ..." something something.

If you know what this song is, plz let me know... I'm dying to know!
thanks :D
I am also eager to know. I've played the commercial over and over on my Tivo - even at full sound, and cannot make out enough of the lyrics to do a lyrical search on google.

Anyone else know what this song is? I plays through the section of the Logo Commercial spot that shows clips from Angels In America.

Much thanks
can u e-mail the commercial to yourself maybe4music and get us a link of the music? I find that with excerpts u can get more people interested. doesn't always work but it is a lot more effective. I know its hard to find links on-line sometimes. I don't know what it sounds like but I am betting its good. umm I will try to find a link for u guys. ;)
I had not considered looking up the commercial online - but that's a great idea. Here is one of the links that I found. http://www.commercialcloset.org/cgi-bin/io...iowa/index.html

The music is not in a particular ad - since it's an actual ad for LOGO, showing a variation of shows that they are showing.

I'm assuming that it's not permissible to post a sound byte of it somewhere? Good ol' Tivo plays it for me regularly - just to watch me pull my hair out. lol

Other suggestions?
The previous quote may not have the answer to your particular e-mail maybe4music, but anything u find put on the forum because it will get more people involved. I checked out that site but I failed to find what u are looking for. If u can descirbe the music. Say what the artist sounds like even if it isn't them. Any information u know of how the music sound greatly increases your chances of someone reading it and assisting us. I am going to do some research on LOGO since I don't recall actually being involved in networking. <_< maybe4music I will try though. :D. Take care and keep trying.
Hi Archer, Thank you for the updated message. The song has a processed voice (male), much the same way Cher began to sing some of her new songs. As if it's a sampled voice being played through a keyboard. The same attack and decay sound of processing. Originally, I thought it may be something like Eiffel 65 - being famous for using a lot of that in their music. There aren't too many groups or DJ's doing that specific type of voice processing in their music. The background music sounds similar to Starships "Music Sounds Better With You".

Does that help at all?

Again, Thanks for helping us track this one down. It's a GREAT song.

No problem, and I am no expert there are people on this site that are outstanding when it comes to doing research on music and what not. That is a great discription, and anytime u can think of something else to put on here to help guide people don't hesitate. Many people read the forum. Just because they aren't posting anything doesn't mean that they aren't watching ;). I have seen commercials answered by people who watched the whole time and didn't respond until they knew for sure. Those people are the ones that make this site work. ;). But if u don't post things when u find out info, the archive may get lost or forgotten. This is why I insist that u reply eveytime u think of something. I am still too busy to do research (pause) midterms. But I will be able to sometime next week.
I must have auto-deleted the program off of Tivo by mistake, so I don't have the sound byte anymore. I will start recording some of the other shows on the network though, and see if I can capture that same commercial spot. Thanks again for all your help.
You appear to know quite a few of the lyrics, and when that happens you may be able to do a Google search with something like this [lyrics "if you don't mind love"] and see what you come up with. It usually works like a charm on anything I'm looking for.

Good luck. I hope you find it.
More of the lyrics:

...time and make you see
It's allllright [never or and we're] gonna dance all night

That's the closest I can come to the actual lyrics, since they're pretty vocoded.
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