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Does anyone know the name of the piano piece played during a new Lexus SUV commercial that shows 3 different SUVs driving around and meeting up at the end?
if somebody would answer this, i don't know how glad i would be...i want to know this so bad
Generally a lack of response means nobody knows. Yet. ;) I've looked into it and haven't found anything. I'm sure others have as well. I don't know if I've ever seen the ad to be honest. Perhaps if one of you provided more info. Old or new ad? What network or show were you watching? Was the music classical, ragtime, honkytonk?
it was definitely classic. had a part at the end with a high end little riff. sounded really pretty. it's a brand new ad that i've seen on tons of stations. not sure which, but i only watch...espn, comedy central, occasionally the nbcs, abcs, you know...

it's a new ad about the 3 different SUVs manufactured by lexus

they are driving and they all meet up at the end in a hilly field.
they have been driving through nature

it says "wherever you go, bring your luxury accommodations[sp] with you"

Hello... found something. MSN & Lexus went together and made a "luxury website" that actually plays music from their commercials. The bad side of this is you cannot "skip" tracts so you may have to wait a long time to hear the piano piece you want... and I haven't found any record of artists/titles as of yet. But it's a start, right?

Here's the link:

Go there and change the player from jazz to piano.

Note: The piece may not be there... the site is updated from time to time. They have different features, which you can see in an archive... but I haven't seen a music archive. See post below that this is probably not from this particular commercial. Sorry guys.
thats an interesting link... but i went to the site, changed the player from jazz to piano... and all it did was replay a 37 second clip over and over again.

i'm looking for this piano peice too... i saw it while watching CSI... i dont remember how it sounds but the music on that lexus site sounded nice. is that the same music in the commerical? i'm not sure...