1. L

    Lexus LX 600 "Drumroll, Please"

    View: Lexus Lx 600 features a snappy beat titled Drumroll Please. I have looked on Amazon for the artist and got close but what I found isn't the same as the ad. I found Pitch Hammer, and I really like the beats on those numbers but they are not...
  2. B

    2017 Lexus SUVs "Life's Roads"

    New Lexus commercial titled "Life's roads". Here is the commercial:
  3. L

    Lexus Hoverboard

    Anyone knows this one:
  4. S

    2013 Lexus ES "More is More"

    what song is this? it starts at :13
  5. B

    2014 Lexus IS "Crowd"

    Hey everyone. Anyone know the song used in this commercial? I'm addicted to it (keep repeating youtube video to listen to it) and would love to buy it. Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. secretrobotron

    Lexus CT Hybrid "Miles"

    There's a pretty great song floating around on Lexus CT Hybrid commercials recently, and I haven't been able to find reference to it anywhere. Anybody got any hints? I love the glitchy synth arpeggiators.
  7. yanger

    2013 Lexus ES and ES Hybrid "Split World"

    There's a new extended commercial of this now, and definately a song.. dubstep :] CM isn't on YT yet, just saw it 10 minutes ago on ABC.
  8. S

    2013 Lexus ES and ES Hybrid "Infinite Glances"

    Does anyone know the song in this lexus es commercial?
  9. S

    Lexus Golden Opportunity Sales Event

    Does anybody know the song in this video?
  10. A

    Lexus ES "Step Up"

    Hey guys, does anyone know the song of the Lexus ES commercial where a Lexus ES was being compared to an Audi, Mercedes, and BMW? the cars are being elevated from a platform in elimination as the commentator speaks.
  11. X

    2011 Lexus ES "Accolades"

    This song on this Lexus commercial has been bugging me for a while.... anyone know what it is?
  12. R

    Lexus RX450h

    Hey all. I was in a hotel the other night watching Bravo! Canada and there was a car commercial. The problem is I don't get Bravo and I have no idea where to see the commercial again. It's driving me crazy. I need the song! It is a solo piano piece playing over the commercial. It has a dad in...
  13. W

    Lexus 2011

    Does anyone know the song used in one of Lexus' new ads for 2011, it's the one featuring a couple going to a masked ball. Thanks.
  14. L

    Lexus CT Hybrid

    Does anyone know the music from March 2011 Lexus CT Hybrid Commercial?
  15. F

    Lexus Golden Opportunity Sales Event

    Anyone know the name of the song that plays in this add. It is the one that says, "Like summer, it's here, but not forever." It also features the ES 350 in the ad.
  16. F

    Lexus LS 2010

    Anyone know the song in this commercial?
  17. L

    Lexus IS

    Anyone know the music in the new IS commercial. It's an Alt Rock type song.
  18. this4lyn

    Lexus Hybrid 2010 "Milestones"

    Hey; does anybody know the name of the song used in this new March 2010 commercial for Lexus Hybrids?
  19. D

    Lexus RX "Act Naturally" Anyone know the name? Or was it made just for the spot?
  20. R


    name of song used in lexus ad which sounds like hip hop with rap and rock:)